Anchorage Fitness Club - Alaska FitnessAndrea “Dre” Boyette

200 Hr. Hatha Yoga, 50 Hr. AIReal Yoga, Alloy, NASM Personal Training, Revo2lution Running

Dre holds; NASM Personal Training Certification, 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Certification, 50 Hour AIReal Yoga Certification, PiYo, Alloy Personal Training Systems, Bootcamp, 25 hours of training in Acro, Certified Snowboard Instructor, Certified 1st Degree Black Belt, and she is currently working on her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with an Emphasis in Health and Group Fitness minor in Nutrition and Athletic Training. Dre is an athletic powerhouse she strives to help her clients reach their weight loss goals, align their focus towards a more productive life, and help to rehabilitate any injuries that prevent progress. Well versed in helping those who are just getting back into the gym and taking their first steps towards a more fit life. Dre also is great for the athlete looking to increase their strength, flexibility and endurance. Dre is sure to be motivating, nurturing, and upbeat with all her clients.

Anchorage Fitness Club - Alaska FitnessOlivia Gillquist

NASM Personal Training, CrossFit Level 1, Alloy, and Revo2lution Running

Olivia Gillquist has her NASM Personal Training Certificate, CrossFit Level One Certificate, certifications in Alloy Personal Training System, and Revo2lution Running. Olivia has always had a passion for teaching and helping people better themselves. She feels that no one should live life feeling limited by their physical capabilities.Olivia has a training past in dance, running, bodybuilding, acrobatics, and CrossFit. Her true love lies with barbell training and functional movement training, but she understands every person’s needs and abilities greatly differ. From needing to rehabilitate proper movement of muscles to targeting specific strength and fitness goals, she is determined and finds satisfaction in seeing all of her clients progress and succeed. Olivia is fun, positive, and pushes all her clients to their fullest potential.

Anchorage Fitness Club - Alaska FitnessBrandon Camerom

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, ACE Personal Training, Alloy, and Revo2lution Running

Brandon is a military veteran who has a B.S. in Sports and Health Science with a concentration in Exercise Science. He also holds an ACE Personal Training Certification as well as continuing education credits from Alloy Personal Training Systems. Brandon is an outdoor enthusiast with a go getter attitude. Brandon believes that fitness holds the key to each individual feeling comfortable in their own skin and it also reveals the motivation and drive that they possess. Brandon craves training clients that are truly driven to change their life. Nothing brings him more joy than to see those clients reach their goals. He loves to train people in a circuit training style as well as muscle isolation style. Brandon is upbeat, challenging, enthusiastic, and fun. He knows the importance of pushing the body to its limit in order to achieve change and will not leave any client feeling un-worked.

Anchorage Fitness Club - Alaska FitnessMike Weston

ACE Personal Training, Alloy, and Revo2lution Running

Mike has his ACE Personal Training Certification as well as continuing education Credits from Alloy Personal Training Systems. Mike has always enjoyed being with people, helping them, and utilizing exercise to enhance life. Over the past few years Mike has grown to love personal training more, and more. Mike loves helping the average Joe and Jill go from ordinary (or less than) to extraordinary through a variety of training styles. Well versed in boot camp style training and training folks with injuries/limitations, he strives to train his clients using methods that best suit their current abilities, goals, and interests. Mike is easy going, fun, and always a joy to be around.

Anchorage Fitness Club - Alaska FitnessJulie Elmer

Freestyle Fitness, Silver and Fit, Senior Fitness Bootcamp, Med-Ball Agility, Water Rehabilitation, Core Training, and Kickbox Fitness

Julie holds certifications and training in Freestyle Fitness, Silver and Fit, Senior Fitness Bootcamp, Med-Ball and Agility, Water Rehabilitation, Core Training, Kickbox Fitness, and has gone to Bodybuilding camps hosted by Rachael McLish, Cory and Jeff Everson, and Diana Dennis. Julie loves the outdoors, wildlife, and most of all weight lifting. She considers herself a gym rat and is constantly challenging herself to be better and reach new goals. She believes entering the fitness realm is lifestyle change where you care about yourself, put your health first, and are serious about wanting change. Julie loves to push her clients to places they never thought possible. Through a wide variety of training styles, Julie wants her clients to know they don’t need to be defined by limitations and that they should never live thinking that way. Julie is positive, highly motivating, and slightly drill sergeant like. She will never let a client leave the gym feeling unsatisfied.

Heather Reichenberg

ACE Personal Training and ALLOY Certified Trainer

Heather Reichenberg has her ACE Personal Training Certificate and is also certified in ALLOY Personal Training. She is a lifelong learner with a passion for working with and learning from others. Heather also trained high school athletes as a track & field coach in Homer for 3 years (assistant coach and head jumping coach), taking many athletes to state where one of her athlete’s won state in the high jump. In addition to this, she is a certified secondary ed. teacher and an adjunct professor at UAA.

In college, she studied modern dance and ballet and was a member of the dance company, Dance Theatre North (Lynn Roff). Heather’s big love includes running and biking, where she has trained and competed in local races such as Lost Lake, Twilight 12K, Runfest, Moose Nugget Triathlon, and Fireweed 200. Heather is passionate about fitness and is dedicated to sharing this passion with others in order to help them meet their fitness goals. Heather is a fun and passionate trainer, who is sensitive to the individual needs of her clients while pushing them to dig deeper towards the life and body they desire.

Stephanie Mergens

Stephanie has over 8 years experience as an ACE Certified personal trainer, specializing in metabolic conditioning and strength training. She received a WFPF parkour certification and spent several years coaching and teaching aerial arts, parkour, and running boot camps. She is an NPC Figure athlete and has competed several times.
Stephanie loves working with people and brings her enthusiasm to every session.
She enjoys helping her clients reach their fitness goals by developing personalized plans.


Anchorage Fitness Club - Alaska FitnessEd Gross