Anchorage Fitness Club - Alaska FitnessMike Weston

ACE Personal Training, Alloy, and Revo2lution Running

Mike has his ACE Personal Training Certification as well as continuing education Credits from Alloy Personal Training Systems. Mike has always enjoyed being with people, helping them, and utilizing exercise to enhance life. Over the past few years Mike has grown to love personal training more, and more. Mike loves helping the average Joe and Jill go from ordinary (or less than) to extraordinary through a variety of training styles. Well versed in boot camp style training and training folks with injuries/limitations, he strives to train his clients using methods that best suit their current abilities, goals, and interests. Mike is easy going, fun, and always a joy to be around.

Bryan Laube

Bryan is an International Sports Sciences Association certified personal trainer. He also spent a year studying in Australia to receive a Certificate 3 in fitness from the Australian College of Sport and Fitness. Bryan is a Marine Corps veteran, and has placed in several ultramarathon and trail races. Bryan is an avid outdoorsman, and lives by the motto “fitness should take you places other than the gym!” He specializes in endurance training, but enjoys working with anyone who is ready to make a change for the better!

Anchorage Fitness Club - Alaska Fitness Scott Brockett

Scott is NASM Certificated Personal Trainer.
Before even stepping foot into the gym, Scott was a competitive mountain runner here in Alaska, competing in races like the Crows Pass Race and the Mat-Su Peak challenge. When he was in his early 20s, he joined his first gym, and shortly after that while at the gym he met and made a fantastic friend who became to be his workout partner. With the support of this friend Scott pushed himself to new heights and with in 2 years was on stage at his first Bodybuilding competition. This experience has led him to strongly believe, having a workout partner or trainer is the single most impotent component in starting down the path of reaching any and all fitness goals.
Scott has continued his growth in the fitness industry and has ultimately found it to be one of his true passions in life. Nothing makes him happier than to work with people and to help them reach their goals, with a strong emphasis in physical fitness. He has said, “When a person wishes to improve their fitness, and is truly dedicated. What they will find is once their body starts to improve all other aspects of their life will improve as well.”. His desire to guide and teach people stands out, and when he is training a client or teaching a class he invests all the energy he can. If your looking for intensity, positive energy, and to have FUN while pushing your body and mind to become more then they are now, ask for Scott!

Bozidar Novkovic
College of sport and physical education-sport injuries

At 7 years old, Boza started playing soccer and very soon he became successful at what he was doing. At age of 15 he was playing for Serbian national team. After he decided for school to be his future, after high school he made it to the college of sport and physical education in Nis, Serbia , and he finished as a top student. During his studies he was coaching, training, and helping many people to achieve their goals , to either become successful in professional sport, or maintain their health and weight. He made his trip to Alaska, Anchorage 2016 to search for a new challenge in his life.

Specialized in strength workout, his strong sides are also stamina and endurance workouts. Easily adjustable to all characters and fun to work with , can provide you with a lot of knowledge and he’ll make sure to perform all essential duties In a safely manner.

His motto is ,, knowledge is endless , keep upgrading yourself “
There’s no limit for Boza, together we can reach all our goals in no time.

Stacy Collier

I am passionate about health and fitness and helping others connect with their bodies to find their own strength. I especially care about busy parents. As a busy single mom to two energetic kids, I understand the struggle to find the time, money, and motivation to take charge of my health. Surrounding myself with positive people who keep me accountable has been essential to my success. I believe anyone can attain the health and well-being they deserve.

I obtained my ACE Personal Training Certification in July 2017 after a lifelong journey to achieve and maintain a healthy, strong body. I have worked in gym, studio, and medical settings around Alaska supporting people finding their own strength and living balanced, pain-free lives.

Anthony Camporeale
NASM Certified Personal Trainer / Alloy Certified

Anthony is a NASM certified personal trainer who cares deeply about his clients’ fitness goals. He uses an integrated approach to ensure that clients maintain and improve mobility and stability while they work toward building their ideal body. Anthony believes in training movement patterns rather than training specific exercises, and varies his exercise selection accordingly. Whether you are looking for functional training, increased muscle mass, explosive strength, or fat loss, Anthony has a program for you. He is also a big believer in making the work enjoyable and will adapt to your preferences. Do you enjoy working with resistance bands or a sandbag? No problem! Anthony will make sure to have you work with your favorite modalities. From injured, beginners and athletes, Anthony has you covered and will spend his off time making sure you are having the best solutions for your goals through studying and application. Anthony’s clients rave about him.

Anthony spent his early 20s in Boston, MA studying under various fitness mentors. His first mentor was an ex marine who taught him the fundamentals of strength and conditioning as well as boxing. Training under this marine inspired Anthony to pursue a career in the fitness industry and began seeking out the knowledge of other fitness experts in the area. Through this journey, he was introduced to a myriad of fitness approaches and shadowed trainers who specialized in a wide range of populations, from athletes to seniors. Anthony strives to be a well rounded fitness professional and is constantly furthering his knowledge to provide the best training services for his clients.

Anthony also teaches Alloy sessions of Small group, Team training, Kickboxing and Bootcamp. He is an inspiration to any one that is around him.