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The Best of Both Worlds

Looking for something a little more personal—but you don’t necessarily require one-on-one attention? Our Alloy® Small Group Training gives you the best of both worlds: the individualized attention of Personal Training with the social aspects of Team Training.

Led by certified trainers in our Functional Training Zone and limited to 2 to 4 people, Small Group Training allows you to challenge yourself in a safe, empowering and inspiring environment. Everyone supports each other’s goals. This cost-effective yet highly personal option is skyrocketing in popularity—sign up at Alaska Fitness and find out why!

What Are the Benefits of Small Group Training?

  • More in-depth, personalized instruction vs. a larger class
  • Greater motivation to push harder & achieve more
  • Exercises tailored to your fitness level & capabilities
  • Trainer knows your unique concerns & fitness goals
  • A more affordable alternative to 1-on-1 training

The Alloy® Small Group Training programs have been comprehensively developed with input from doctors, nutritionists and other health and fitness experts. They’re based on real science, to deliver real results for you!

Small Group Training packages include unlimited access to Team Training sessions. Attend as many as you want each month for half the price of a studio. We get stronger together, let’s transform your body today.